We work with a small stock so that we can put together a unique and varied collection for you. Because of this it can happen that an item is sold out. If you click on the desired size of a sold-out product you can register for a notification. As soon as your desired product / size is back in stock, you will automatically receive an e-mail.

When an order is placed with a supplier again, the relevant item can be ordered with it, if in stock at the supplier. If you want to be sure that the item in question is coming back, send an email. Then we will let you know if the product is back in stock. We can also reserve it for you.

Would you like to know when a product is expected again, you can always send an email to
Even if you are looking for a certain product from one of the brands you can always send me an e-mail and then I can see if I can order it in the next order.